Good Product: The Granola Shop Granola

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We like small, local companies, the little guy who just does one thing and does it well. The Granola Shop epitomizes this sort of business. Their website advertises only one product: The World’s Finest Granola, with the disclaimer immediately following that, We might be a little delusional, but we do make good granola.

And that of course is the test of a small company – just being small and local doesn’t automatically make one great. How’s the product? In this case, the self-assigned world title might be accurate.

This stuff is good. Really good. It’s better than any granola I’ve been able to make myself. It just comes in one flavor, their original recipe – no additional foofy add-ins with fruits or fancy spices. Just hearty, addictive granola in shiny chunks with toasted almonds, sesame and green sunflower seeds. It’s sweet, but not too sweet, with a dark hint of caramel.

I first ran across The Granola Shop’s granola at Whole Foods and discovered that it’s made by a local company. Their website is admittedly rudimentary (they admit it themselves) but charmingly lo-fi.

Do yourself a favor and buy a pound of this from their website. It’s really, really good. I like to keep a bag in the freezer for snacking; it’s very good cold like that. (Did I mention that it’s good?)