Good Product: Sal Marina aux Deux Piments

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I’m lucky enough to have in my possession nearly one-half of a pound of the most beautiful salt I’ve ever seen.

Sal Marina aux Deux Piments is a good quality, somewhat coarse Spanish sea salt studded with happy little flakes of red. The red flakes identify as pimenton de Murcia, a sweet smoky pepper, and piment dEspelette the iconic hot pepper from the Basque area of France.

I find myself putting my new favorite salt on everything from hard-boiled eggs with avocado to tomato salads and sandwiches. It also makes a wonderful finishing salt for bean soups, grilled or sautéed fish and salads. Adhere it to raw vegetables with a light coating of olive oil before roasting and your reward will be a lovely, crunchy-smoky crust.

Since I got this salt packaged in bulk from a friend, and will eventually run out, I had to find out which retail stores carry it. I found it at K.L. Keller Imports of Oakland, Ca. They only sell to wholesale clients, but here you’ll find an impressive list of stores all over the country that carry their products. The list doesn’t say which stores carry which products, so you may have to ask for this very special salt.