Good Product: Rooibos Chai Tea

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Strong, hot, spicy tea is a great comfort this time of year, especially in the dark evenings while winding down before bedtime. Indian chai has grown very popular in coffeeshops and restaurants, although the heavily sweetened versions at Starbucks lack the bite of more spicy and authentic chai. Chai is usually made with black tea, however, which has a reasonable amount of caffeine and tends to keep me up.

This Rooibos Chai, however, is made with red rooibos leaves – a completely caffeine-free herb grown in South Africa.

Unlike other herbal teas, rooibos has stronger tannins and a taste that is closer to the robustness of black tea, so it works well in this chai.

Rooibos Chai available for $6.45 from SpecialTeas


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