Good Product: Regency Professional Parchment

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Looking for an eco-friendly alternative to parchment paper? Try this reusable parchment from Regency!

Similar to Silpat, these sheets of “paper” have a Teflon coating that’s nonstick and oven-safe up to 500-degrees. This reusable parchment is thinner and more flexible than Silpat, making it useful for tasks like lining brownie pans or casserole dishes. You can also cut the sheets down to size so they fit perfectly onto your baking sheets and inside dishes. You could even cut them into circles for lining cake tins!

Another big difference is that these sheets are smooth instead of tacky. We see this as a big advantage for all types of bread baking when we want to slide pizzas or loaves of bread directly onto baking stones. (Yes, we’ve done this and haven’t melted one yet!)

We’ve been using the same three sheets of reusable parchment for at least five years. They clean with a few swipes of a sponge and roll up into a neat little bundle to be tucked away until next time.

You can buy single 13×17″ sheets online at Frontier Co-op for $5.85 or find them at most kitchen supply stores.

Has anyone else been using these reusable sheets?

(Left image credit: Regency Wraps; all other images by Emma Christensen for the Kitchn)