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I have at least four timers in my kitchen (not counting my iPhone). I use them all constantly, especially when I am making a full meal and cooking multiple things at once. Each of my timers has at least one thing it does well; I especially love my timer from Muji. The new kid on the block, though, is this digital timer from Pyrex, and it is edging out the others with its functionality. Here’s why.

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This timer is part of Pyrex’s new line of kitchen tools and gadgets. The main thing I like about this timer is the way you set the time. You set the time by twisting the outer ring, which turns with a smooth scrolling action. This is like an old-fashioned dial timer, where you can set a time with a quick flick of the wrist. My other timers are all push-button digital models, which means I need stand there holding down a button to set the time, and sometimes, when I need to time something for an hour, this takes a long time! The Pyrex model is just much quicker.

You can also easily set minutes and hours; if you turn the dial to the right it sets minutes; if you turn the dial to the left it sets hours. (It doesn’t set second increments, which I personally don’t mind.)

• Great design in setting the time. It’s very easy and quick to set.
• Strong magnet; some of my other timers fall off the fridge easily, but this one is sturdy and strong.
• Clock: It’s nice that this timer functions as a clock when not in use.

• For all the fancy digital design, I do find this timer a little… drab. I wish it came in white or black.
• The numbers are actually rather hard to see against the gray background. Again, while I love the functional design, I think the visual design leaves something to be desired.
• To start, stop, and reset the timer you press in the center face, which functions as a button. While I like the simplicity of this, there’s something a little difficult about pressing this. It’s hard to tell when you’ve pressed it fully and when you haven’t; it needs a click or fuller range of motion.
• Rather oddly, when you turn the dial to the left to set time in hours, it starts at 24 hours. Why not start at 1 hour and then go up from there?

Overall, quibbles aside, I really like this timer and it’s already been well-used in my kitchen!

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