Good Product: Cuisipro 3-sided Box Grater

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Always favoring multi-use kitchen tools over single use ones, I was pretty happy when I spotted this Cuisipro 3-sided Box Grater at my local kitchen supply store.

It’s sturdily made and looks like it won’t bend and break with time. While most old-style box graters have at least one side that is virtually useless due to the shape or sharpness of the surfaces, this one has three surfaces that I’d definitely use all the time and they’re razor sharp like a microplane.

Ultra coarse looks great for soft cheeses or potato pancakes, the medium is perfect for hard cheeses, carrots or zucchini, and the fine works like your microplane, perfect for zest, Parmesan or nutmeg. Naturally, you’ll have to pay for all of this. It retails for around $30, but at least it’s not disposable like cheaper versions.