Good Product: American Flatbread

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

I never thought I’d eat thin-crusted, crispy and delicious pizza that came out of a freezer, but I do.

No matter how picky you are about processed convenience food, I’m pretty sure you’ll find this pizza seriously good. It gets really crispy, (I like to cook it a bit longer than the box says) the cheese and sauce are both great quality and the dough even has a little tang as if it really was once alive.

I always have a couple of fairly plain 3-cheese and tomato sauce versions in my freezer that I can doctor up with whatever’s in the fridge or pantry. Add a little salad and dinner’s ready in 10 minutes. It’s not cheap (about $7.99 for a small one that serves two light eaters) but when you think about the price of high quality take-out pizza that ends up getting soggy in the box it’s a bargain. Find out where to buy it here.

Topping Inspirations after the jump!

A few recent topping combos for inspiration:

• Zucchini “Pepperoni” with Indian Cilantro Chutney and Feta.

• Roasted Peppers, Blue Cheese and Prosciutto

• Chopped Olive Salad and Goat Cheese

• Figs and Arugula