Good Product: Alexander Valley Pickles

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Now these are good. They’re crisp and a bit spicy, a little sweet and nicely tart. Maybe even a little addictive.

I especially like these bread and butter pickles with creamy goat cheese, but they’re also quite good with chicken or tuna salad. Or right out of the container while standing in front of the fridge.

Dave Ehreth, a former high tech entrepreneur, also works his low-tech magic on a classic dill—I mean a real pickle, fermented in barrels with salt, no vinegar. They’re great too and kind of taste like half-sours to my non East Coast palate.

We know that pickles are hot right now, but the trend of fermented pickles is still in its nascent stage, at least commercially. I found Real Pickles on the East Coast, then there’s Happy Girl Kitchen sold very locally in the Bay Area. Happy Girl makes mainly vinegar pickled and canned vegetables, but sometimes they’ll have a barrel of lacto-fermented big guys in a bucket at the market. Alexander Valley, also only sold locally. Are there other fermented pickle makers out there? Tell us about them!

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