Good Product: Abuelita Villarreal’s Comida Mexicana Sauce

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Even if you’re the type of cook who would rather scramble an egg and make toast on a busy night than resort to a jarred sauce, Abuelita Villarreal’s Comida Mexicana Ranchero Red Sauce is a viable meal solution.

I pulled this jar out of the pantry the other night and whipped up some enchiladas. First I tossed together leftover Thanksgiving turkey, queso fresco and just enough sauce to moisten the mixture. Then I softened some Rancho Gordo tortillas in oil, rolled the turkey mixture up in the tortillas, topped everything with more sauce and queso fresco and baked at 400 for about 10 minutes. One jar made 8 enchiladas, enough for two meals for two.

I was impressed by the flavor of this sauce. It has a middle level spice and a sophisticated, not too intense bitterness from dried chiles. It’s pretty basic ingredient-wise with no corn syrup or artificial junk. They also make a Viva Verde Green Sauce that I tried once and remember really liking. There are so many ways to use these sauces—enchiladas, chili verde or roja, simmer sauces for meats, tamale pie, as additions to beans or soups. Check out the recipes on the website. This sauce is available in some natural foods and specialty stores for around $5 a jar. The company’s website says to call directly for specific availability.