Good Product: Jimtown Store Artichoke, Olive & Caper Spread

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

This versatile spread-sauce-dip combines buttery artichokes, tangy green olives and capers — all spiked with red chili flakes and accented with refreshing mint for a sun-drenched Mediterranean vacation in December.

Dinner last night was a plain cheese American Flatbread pizza topped with Jimtown Store’s Artichoke Spread, matchsticks of Fra Mani Salumi, and crumbled Bucheron as an accent cheese. Not bad for a make-do December dinner.

Jimtown’s other products are equally fantastic. They all make great appetizer fodder for your holiday parties, as they go well with cheese and wine. There are four others: Chopped Olive, Spicy Chopped Olive, Fig & Olive and Roasted Vegetable. On the Jimtown website, you’ll find lots of recipe and pairing ideas in the condiment section (click through to each individual condiment).

The condiments come in 7 oz. containers and are sold refrigerated in specialty stores in various parts of the country as well as many Whole Foods. Or, you can buy them online from the Jimtown site.