Good Morning! Hefeweizen for Breakfast

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There are folks who eat oatmeal for breakfast every day and others who prefer a savory, hot breakfast of eggs or sausage. Some rely on quick portable choices like granola bars while others grab a latte on the way to the train station. But, hey: how about a nice, cold beer?

The New York Times recently wrote about a common occurrence in Bavaria: drinking a Hefeweizen, a traditional light German wheat beer, in the morning. In fact, a nice cold beer is a common part of brotzeit, or second breakfast, in some parts of Germany. That’s right:in late morning, many folks will sit down to a small meal of a little bread and cheese, a pretzel, or a veal sausage and good mustard. And a beer, of course. Writer Eric Asmiov notes, “Americans might look askance at a pre-noon glass of beer (hey, it’s August!), but hefeweizen is light, crisp, fairly low in alcohol, undeniably refreshing and, the Germans believe, good for digestion.” So there you have it. Beer in the morning.

Hefeweizen is a light beer with occasionally strong fruit aromas from the specialized yeasts that are used for fermentation and the heavy percentage of wheat. (German law dictates it must contain at least 50 percent; most American brewers don’t adhere to this.) Regardless of wheat content, aroma or style, most Americans are still not necessarily in the habit of drinking a cold brew late in the morning. Perhaps as part of a lazy weekend brunch, but I personally can’t imagine doing so on a bustling workday. Now the idea of a second breakfast, on the other hand, I could get behind.

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