Good Meals for a Fructose-Intolerant New Mom?

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Q: A family that I am close with is expecting their second child any day now and I’d love to cook them a few dishes or meals. The problem is that one of them is fructose intolerant and, from the little I’ve read, this rules out a lot of my go-to dishes for new parents (sweet potato chowder, bolognese, chili). Any ideas for low-fructose dishes I can make that will travel well? Bonus points if they can be frozen.

Sent by Carrie

Editor: Carrie, we have only the most cursory understanding of fructose intolerance, which tends to manifest itself in symptoms similar to IBS (irritable bowel syndrome). Our primary suggestion, in fact, is to consult lists and resources on IBS; there is so much overlap between the offending ingredients and the symptoms, that any recipes designed for IBS-sufferers will probably work well in this case:

Readers, do you have any experience with cooking for fructose-intolerance? Any recipe suggestions?

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