The Most Thoughtful Yet Inexpensive Wedding Gifts, According to Our Readers

updated May 1, 2019
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Choosing the perfect wedding gift for your favorite couple can be a challenge, especially if you’re on a budget (or are already paying for airfare and a hotel). So we reached out to our readers on Facebook to learn the most thoughtful yet inexpensive wedding gifts they love to give, or received and still love.

Here are some of the best answers we got.

1. Unique tableware

Choosing a special piece the couple might not have thought to register for is a favorite gift.

“I hate to share this as its a lovely secret, but: Two champagne flutes from Tiffany’s. A set is about $50, but still gets the iconic packaging. When couples receive the gift, its tears and gushing.”

“I like to go to a small pottery store, and pick up a pitcher from a local artist. It’s a great multi purpose gift. Use it for drinks (water, margaritas), flowers or kitchen utensils. Plus it supports the local art community.”

“We got a cute set of monogrammed coffee mugs and we still use them seven years later!”

“A friend made us a set of a dozen linen napkins. They’re beautiful, practical, and have lasted for 15 years.”

“A wooden pepper mill.”

“Hand-carved salad tongs.”

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2. Cookware

Another favorite gifting tactic: Give the couple something that’ll help them heat things up in the kitchen. We’re talking about meats and veggies, of course.

I like to give a cast iron skillet. It will last forever and only get better with age — hopefully like your marriage!

“I give a big soup pot with a few favorite soup recipes. This doesn’t usually come in the sets of pots and pans people register for.”

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3. Cookbooks

Cookbooks are a favorite, whether it’s a collection of personal recipes or an encyclopedic reference.

“Put together a booklet of favorite recipes that mom, dad, or grandma have always cooked. Nothing is as important as family, so having Grandma’s recipes will be a treasure in the future!”

“I like to gather family recipes, handwritten by the family members known for those recipes, in a nice tin recipe box.”

“I often give a copy of the Joy of Cooking and have had several people tell me how much they use it.”

“One of my favorite wedding gifts was Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. A well-rounded cookbook is a great gift!”

4. The most basic kitchenware

It’s not sexy, but the couple will use these simple, everyday items for decades to come!

“I got three wedding gifts from one person back in 1985 that I still use to this day: two baking sheets, a large pizza cutter, and a small, wooden-handled spatula perfect for cutting and serving brownies. These were purchased from a restaurant supply store. They are the most practical gifts I received and the few that I still own from our wedding gifts.”

“Good quality kitchen towels!”

“Give a good set of knives! I’ve had mine for 35 years.”

“My mother would always get new brides a really nice large stainless steel footed colander and it was always appreciated!”

“My great-aunt gave me the rolling pin she used to use with a note that said it was ‘good for cooking and keeping husbands in line!'”

“I like to give a cutting board carved with their name and date of marriage.”

5. Food

Not something they’d register for, but certainly something they’re sure to use: groceries, booze, or a night out!

“The neatest gift we got: Someone sent us a pizza the afternoon we got home from our honeymoon. We had no food in the house because we had been gone for 10 days and it was a perfect surprise! Also, someone else gave us a gift card to the local market so we could go stock up on basics after the honeymoon.”

“I always give a snack basket (I try and sneak it in the room) with popcorn chips, sparkling wine/soda, candy and shelf-stable meats — you forget to eat at your own wedding!”

“I give gift certificate to a great restaurant — along with a bottle of champagne — to be used on their first anniversary.”

“I like to give a selection of spices, especially if the couple is setting up house together for the first time. I put together a cute basket with 10 to 12 jars of common or uncommon spices and herbs.”

“My go-to is a gift box of Penzey spices. You can build your own to suit how much they cook.

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6. Household basics

Similar to the kitchen basics category, fill their home with supplies they’ll truly use.

“The best give we got was cleaning supplies! I had lived with my parents after school and my husband had a roommate (and they were kinda slobs), so neither of us had cleaning supplies. One of my husband’s friends bought us all the cleaning supplies we needed — I didn’t have to buy dish soap for like 2 years!

“Toilet paper and household items!”

“I like to give a tool box with basic tools.”

7. Something for the house

Especially if the couple is setting up a home together, these gifts are well-received.

“I often give a door knocker engraved with the couple’s names and date. Everyone loves it.”

“If the couple owns a home, I like to give a tree, perennial plants, lilac bushes, rose bushes, or some other plant they can grow in the garden.”

8. Seasonal items

Starting your new family means starting your own traditions, too!

“I love to give beautiful set of Christmas ornaments, or a handpicked collection of ornaments that remind you of the happy couple. They’ll think of you every year during the holidays!”

“I often give a picnic basket with place settings and a blanket.”

Do you have any other ideas to add? Put them in the comments below!