Good Idea! Use Canning Jars Instead of Ramekins

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

There’s no law that says custards must always be served in ramekins! We love the rustic and whimsical look of re-using glass canning jars for custards – or what about chicken pot pie, mac n’ cheese, and other individual casserole servings?…

Like ceramic ramekins, glass jars can withstand the low oven heat needed to cook custards and brown the crust on a pot pie. We recommend placing the jars in a hot water bath to regulate the temperature – just set the jars inside a casserole dish or roasting pan and fill the pan half way up the sides of the jars with warm water.

Wide-mouth half-pint canning jars would probably work best for these purposes. They’re easy to fill and make just the right serving size for one person. Plus, storing leftovers is a simple matter of screwing the lid back onto the jar!

Give it a try!

(Image: Flickr member Slushpup licensed under Creative Commons)