Good Idea! Use a Chip Clip to Hold Recipes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

While we would really like one of these recipe rails, like the one Jennifer’s husband built for her, our equipment for recipe holding right now just involves magnets and a fridge. But here’s one more good idea for keeping a recipe at eye-level, and it probably won’t cost you a thing.

Matthew, who took the photograph, says:

This recipe is on page 651 of a 750 page cookbook. So I copied it and clipped it to the cabinet. Sweet!

Nice idea! We think that this is not a bad way keep a recipe in front of you; just don’t let the flame get too close! You can see the scones Matthew baked from this chip-clipped recipe here at Flickr.

(Image: Flickr member Matthew Oliphant licensed for use under Creative Commons)


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