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Good Idea: The Perfect Peanut Butter Jar

published May 15, 2008
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Look at this! It may be the most perfect peanut butter jar ever. Instead of all those curvy unreachable corners, and a bottom that keeps the last bits of precious peanut butter away from your groping spoon, this jar has a couple of distinct advantages. Can you spot them?

Designed by Sherwood Forlee, this Easy PB&J Jar has not one but TWO lids. Take the bottom lid off to scrape the peanut butter jar ultra clean.

Also, the jar has very straight sides and corners to facilitate scraping out the last little bits.

We can see lots of other good uses for a practical jar like this. What would you use it for, other than all those delicious nut butters? (via Tastespotting)

See the jar in real life! Perfect Peanut Butter Jar in Action!

(Images: Sherwood Forlee)