Good Idea! Sharing Kitchen Equipment

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

If you’re doing the Kitchn Cure, you’ve been busy decluttering and re-organizing your kitchens this week. We’ve been thinking about the appliances and other equipment we only use a few times a year and wondering if we could put them to more use – if not in our kitchen then maybe in someone else’s! Do you ever share your kitchen equipment?

Our thinking on this stems from the idea of neighborhood equipment sharing. Just like sharing a lawn mower or a ladder, maybe we could more formally start sharing things like waffle irons and blenders among our friends and neighbors. Of course, we would feel perfectly comfortable sharing something sturdy like a blender, but might have trouble sharing something more delicate like a special serving bowl.

We could start by sending around an e-mail to our friends explaining our idea and listing the things we would be willing to share. If they’re game, our friends could list their shareable equipment in turn and we would have a little kitchen equipment co-op. This wouldn’t be so formal as actually co-owning equipment, but would just be a resource that we could all use.

What do you think about doing something like this?

(Image: Flickr member psd licensed under Creative Commons)