Good Idea: Making An Honest Kitchen Wish List

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

With the New Year celebrations behind us, this weird lull comes over the kitchen. It’s a great time to take a look at what we don’t really use, but more importantly it’s the perfect time to determine what you still truly need and require.

The kitchen can often be a revolving door when it comes to the utensils and cookware, gadgetry and the like. January is an easy time to take a hard look at what you’re not using. If you’re like me, I always say, “Oh I use that during the holidays.” Now that they’re passed, I can ditch and donate what I don’t need, but what about the areas that my kitchen is still lacking?

Try taking a long hard look at the things your kitchen could benefit from. Does the head come loose on your spatula? Would running it through the dishwasher be easier if you purchased one that was all one piece? How many times this year would you have benefited from having a food processor instead of the blender that just doesn’t seem to cut it?

The idea of looking at your space when you’re not in the middle of making a meal is a good one. Maybe you have all the proper tools, but they could stand a different method of organization. No one likes it when you pull a whisk out and 4 other items come with it.

Enjoying your time in the kitchen, like most rooms in our home means not feeling overwhelmed or frustrated. The right tool for the job is important and cultivating things you love and need will go a long way to your overall happiness and thus, beautiful food that comes out of your kitchen.

Is there something on your kitchen wish list that has become more than a want and is now a need? Let us know below!

(Image: Flickr member stefan.eissing licensed for use by Creative Commons)