Good Idea: Make a “Stuff I Like to Eat” List

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You know those times when you feel totally uninspired to make dinner, but also don’t want to succumb to the lure of the take-out menu? Molly from Orangette has a suggestion: make a list.

Molly actually recommends calling this list “Crap I Like to Eat,” noting that the slight swearing is helpful when you’re especially stuck. Under this heading, you write a list of dishes that you’ve made before and that you’d like to make (and eat!) again. These are meals that are appealing to you and that you’re always in the mood for no matter when, without a doubt, and hands down.

The next time you’re feeling at a loss for something good to eat, take a look at this list for some inspiration. If the list is no longer inspiring to you, that means its time to make a new one.

Pretty nifty idea, huh? We wind up staring into the fridge with rumbly stomachs frequently enough to think this is definitely worth a try!

What foods would go on your list right now?

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