Good Idea! Homemade Fruit Leather at Simply Recipes

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’ve talked about what to do if you only have a pint of berries, but what if you find yourself in the opposite predicament of having too much fruit?!

Elise Bauer over at Simply Recipes has one solution we can’t wait to try: fruit leather!

Chewy tangy fruit leather is one of our favorite grocery store check-out line indulgences. Bauer’s process for making it at home involves cooking down a large amount of fruit into a puree and then dehydrating it at a very low oven temperature over the course of several hours.

We like that her method doesn’t necessarily require a lot of extra sugar, so we get the real fruit flavor, pure and simple.

Check it out!

How To Make Fruit Leather from Simply Recipes

(Image: Elise Bauer for Simply Recipes)