I Tried Good Housekeeping’s Favorite Microfiber Wipes and They Totally Blew Me (and My Kitchen Grime) Away

published Oct 23, 2023
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Someone using a Skura Wipe Envy wipe to clean stovetop
Credit: Shifrah Combiths

I absolutely love microfiber cloths and since I’ve discovered them, I’ve slowly transitioned my entire cleaning rag collection from terry cloth to microfiber. The super fine threads have so much surface area for grabbing dust and lifting dirt, and they don’t leave behind any lint, making them perfect for cleaning not only countertops and faucets, but also mirrors, windows, and other glass. They’re the best for every single cleaning task (and as a mom of five, you can trust me). So I’m always game for trying new variations. 

My favorite microfiber to date has been E-cloths — there’s something about them that seems to make them work better than any other I’ve tried, and I also like that they’re sturdy but not too thick. (Some of my other thicker microfiber rags feel a bit big and too full in my hand.) But e-cloths are pricey, and definitely aren’t an option for my entire collection of everyday cleaning cloths. 

When I saw Good Housekeeping’s 2023 pick for best wipe was Skura Style Wipe Envy Microfiber Wipes, I knew I had to try them out. I’ve tried and loved Skura Style sponges, and I know that the Skura Style Very Scrubby scouring pads are another fan-favorite. I had high hopes for the Skura microfiber cloths and I was so excited to take them out for a test run. 

The first thing that surprised me was the clever box the rags came in. It had a perforated opening for pulling out the cloths one at a time — technically, the box can be reused, but I know that I won’t be spending the time to fold the cloths just so and putting them in the box after I wash them; they’ll be joining their microfiber cousins in the cleaning cloth collection, thank you very much! But I still appreciated the concept. 

The second thing that surprised me was how thin the microfiber cloth was! I’ve never felt one so thin and while I liked how it felt in my hand, I wasn’t so sure how well it would clean. As I handled the rag, I noticed that one side was really soft, more than a typical microfiber cloth, and the other side was a little more flat, almost nubby. I also liked that the edges were almost scalloped, which I thought was a pretty detail. 

Credit: Shifrah Combiths

Next came the moment of truth: How well would these pretty-but-thin cloths clean? I had a greasy stovetop that needed attention, so I decided to use the rag like I would have used any other. And that’s where my third surprise came in: The thin rag was actually easier and more pleasant to use than my other ones! The thinness of the cloth allowed it to move more easily and when it came to cleaning on and around my stove knobs, the thinness of the cloth made it malleable enough to fit into the tighter spaces. 

The only questions I have about these surprising little thin-but-mighty workhorses is how well they’ll hold up — and whether their rich white will stain. I can’t imagine they’ll be as durable as thicker cloths, and with the Skura wipes being $7.99 for 10, I would want them to last a while. In addition, while I love the idea of snow-white cleaning supplies, in reality, they often end up looking anything but snow white. In the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the really nice hand feel and the thinness of these microfiber cloths that are nothing like any others I’ve tried.

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