Good Habit Box Wants You to Have a Healthy Breakfast & Snack

updated May 30, 2019
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Item: Good Habit Box Breakfast + Snack Subscription
Price: $8 to $20 per box
Overall Impression: For someone who is trying to get on the breakfast and healthy snack bandwagon, Good Habit Box is a great way to start out.

The few months in my early 20s that I spent working with a nutritionist really drove home the importance of eating a healthy breakfast and keeping good snacks on hand. But making those habits part of your grocery and eating routine can be a challenge. Good Habit Box attempts to make healthy eating better by helping you have wholesome snacks on hand.

(Image credit: Kristin Appenbrink)

Good Habits Box: A Quick Summary

Characteristics and specs: Good Habit Box offers four different membership levels, each with a different assortment of goodies. You can choose which one fits your needs and choose how often you want a new one delivered. Here are the different box options:

  • Be Delighted ($8 per box): 4 snacks + 2 teas
  • Be Balanced ($13 per box): 2 breakfasts + 2 snacks + 2 protein shakes + 2 teas
  • Be Mindful ($15 per box): 4 breakfasts + 4 snacks + 8 teas
  • Be Fit ($20 per box): 4 breakfasts + 4 snacks + 4 protein shakes

Favorite details: I loved the snacks. I’m pretty good with my breakfast routine, but those midday or afternoon snacks frequently throw me for a loop and I end up eating what I can find in my pantry or making a coffee and cookie run, which isn’t very healthy.

Potential problems: As with any subscription box, you run the risk of not liking what you end up with. A special note to anyone with nut allergies, most of the snacks are nut-based because they are an easy source of protein. So this probably isn’t the best option if you have nut allergies.

Who would love this? Anyone who has struggled to get into the routine of eating a healthy breakfast and a healthy afternoon snack. Or anyone looking for a convenient option to keep on hand when you don’t have time to plan for breakfasts or snacks.

(Image credit: Kristin Appenbrink)

My Review of Good Habit Box

As I mentioned above, snacking at home is my downfall. Because I work from home, I constantly have access to all the food in my apartment, but can never find anything to snack on. Turns out healthy snacking, like lunches, can be tough when you work from home.

Given that, the Be Balanced box (which includes two breakfasts, two shakes, two snacks, and two teas) that I tested probably wasn’t the best fit for me. If I were to subscribe, I would probably opt for the “Be Delighted” box, which includes four snacks and two teas. That said, everything I tried from the box I tested was tasty.

Breakfast: The oatmeal was just the right amount and easy to make. I liked the flavors, and the texture was great. If you eat dairy, I would recommend making it with milk. I always find oatmeal to be a bit more satisfying when made with milk.

Shakes: I’ve never been a protein shake person. They are difficult to blend completely, and I hate the grit of undissolved powder. If you do opt for the shakes, don’t try stirring them — they don’t call it a shake for nothing. Luckily there are options that don’t include the shakes.

Snacks: I really liked both of the ones I tasted. The cashews were delicious, and something I would be unlikely to buy on my own. The pistachios were also tasty, but the lemon flavor was a bit too subtle for my liking.

Tea: I try to switch to tea in the afternoon, but frequently the siren call of a glass of cold brew is too strong for me to resist. Having a new variety of tea in reach might just help me break my afternoon coffee habit, though.

For me, Good Habit Box would make more sense if I were working in an office. Everything in the box could be made using an office kitchen. I would sign up to have my subscription sent to my office to make it easier on myself on the days when I didn’t have time to eat breakfast or pack a snack. Just be sure your co-workers don’t catch on to your subscription and come begging when they hit their afternoon slump.

I do wish Good Habit Box would sell their snacks a la carte or just sell a box of like 20 snacks. I would definitely order multiple pouches of the snacks to keep in my pantry for the inevitable 3 p.m. energy crash I hit every day.

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