Good Gadget: Dalla Piazza Nuscüp

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Swiss designers make the best multi-use gadgets. (And so do ones based right here in NYC, down the street from our office, where this one was designed!) The new Nuscüp is the Swiss Army Knife of measuring cups.

It measures cups, tablespoons, millileters and ounces in one handy, adjustable cup. The handle allows you to choose your measurement with a flick of the thumb and then add either liquid or solid ingredients. Capacity ranges from 1/8 to 1/2 cup, from 2-9 tablespoons, from 30-140 ml and from 1-4 ounces. The lever ensures you won’t spill while transferring ingredients. There’s even a nice strong magnet for easy storage on the fridge or magnetized cabinet. $11.95-$14. A perfect stocking stuffer.

Available at your local cookware shop or through these internet retailers:
Gourmet Sleuth
Chef’s Resource
Kitchen Kapers


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