Good Food With Evan Kleiman: Tips for Homemade Ice Cream

Good Food With Evan Kleiman: Tips for Homemade Ice Cream

Emma Christensen
Jul 23, 2008

After a few weeks of withdrawal, we were so happy to get a new episode of Good Food this past week. Did you tune in?

With temperature's soaring on the East Coast over the weekend, is it any wonder that we zeroed right in on Kleiman's interview with ice cream maker Jessica Mortarotti?!

Mortarotti was on the show talking about her summer line-up of ice creams and dropped a few tips for those of us making ice cream at home.

Using seasonal ingredients at this time of year is a no-brainer. Strawberries are almost finished, raspberries and blueberries are still going strong, and peaches are on the horizon.

Mortarotti also reminds us not to overlook fresh herbs, many of which make an excellent pairing with chocolate! Use the herbs as close to when they were picked as possible and infuse their flavor into the milk while you're making the base.

She also talked about different ice cream bases. While more labor-intensive to prepare, custard bases made with egg yolks and cooked on the stovetop give ice cream a creamy consistency and a deeper flavor profile. You can also leave the base un-cooked, play around with the number of yolks, or change the type of cream.

Since homemade ice cream lacks the preservatives and ingredients that keep it from crystallizing, Mortarotti advises eating your homemade ice cream as quickly as possible. Funny, this doesn't seem to be a problem for us...

If you do store ice cream for more than a few days, she recommends storing it in the deepest part of your freezer away from the door. The temperature will be more consistent here and you'll avoid the partial thawing and re-freezing that can cause freezer burn.

What other tips do you have for making ice cream at home? Newbie ice cream makers, what questions do you have?!

• For Jessica Mortarotti's recipe for Lemon Basil Sorbet and a list of locations in LA where you can find her ice cream, visit the Good Food website.
• Evan Kleiman's full interview with Mortarotti and the rest of the interviews from this episode are also available through the Good Food website.

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