Good Food with Evan Kleiman: The LA Burrito Project

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Since reading about food pantries and shelters struggling with the rising food costs, we’ve been struggling with how we might be able to help out.

There’s one man out in California who already knows what he’s going to be doing, and it’s the same thing he and his friends have been doing for the past 10 years: handing out home-made burritos to homeless people, hungry people, and pretty much anyone who wants one!

On this past week’s episode of Good Food, Even Kleiman interviews the LA Burrito Guy to get the scoop.

For about $10-$15 a week, the members of the Burrito Project can create 90 burritos. They cook their own dried beans and deliver burritos by bicycle to the needful residents in neighborhoods around Los Angeles.

The basic burrito from the Burrito Project consists of beans, rice, and salsa wrapped up in a tortilla. Nothing fancy, but this meal delivers a complete protein that’s easy to digest.

The group delivers burritos on the same night each week, following the same route. They’ve developed relationships over the years with the folks in those neighborhoods, even helping a few of them off the streets.

Handing out burritos on your bike is certainly one way to pitch in! As we start to feel the repercussions of high food costs this year, what other ways are you thinking of helping out?

To hear Evan Kleiman’s entire interview with the LA Burrito Guy, visit the Good Food website and download the podcast.
To donate to the LA Burrito Project or learn about starting one yourself, visit the project’s MySpace page.

(Photo Credit: Good Food via KCRW)