Good Food With Evan Kleiman: Morel Mushrooms, Bill HR 875, and Polish Breakfasts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every week, we like to bring you our favorite bits and nibbles from Evan Kleiman’s radio show, Good Food. This last episode was chock full of information on cooking morels, how you can justify a second breakfast, and the real deal on what’s going on with the bill HR 875 being discussed in Congress right now…

Morels are Here! – Morels are a hollow, earthy-flavored wild mushroom that are fantastic in egg dishes and pair well with grilled meat. They’re starting to show up at the farmer’s markets in California, and hopefully other parts of the country are soon to follow!

The Scoop on HR 875 – This is a new food safety bill before Congress right now that has generated a lot of concern and more than a few rumors. Tom Philpott of sets everyone straight on the issues.

Choked Up Over Artichokes – Artichokes are also coming into season right now on the west coast and can be served steamed, braised, or even raw!

Polish Second Breakfast – Poles often have a very light first breakfast and then a heavier “second” breakfast partway through the morning consisting of cold cuts, cheese, and bread. Sounds good to us!

Thirty Bucks a Week – Do you think you could live on $30 of groceries a week? A couple in Brooklyn are trying to do just that. As you can imagine, they have a few pointers for trimming dollars from the weekly grocery bill.

To listen to these great interviews, head on over to the Good Food website. You can download the podcast and get the recipes talked about on the show!

(Image: Flickr member Carly and Art’s Photostream licensed under Creative Commons)