Good Food with Evan Kleiman: Melt the Vote, Fishy Sea Bass, Lamb Fries, and Passover Recipes

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While none of the interviews from this past week’s Good Food knocked our aprons off, we were content to simply spend the hour listening to Evan Kleiman laugh at grilled cheese election parodies and reminisce about favorite Jewish foods.

One of our favorite interviews was with pastry chef Ramon Perez who is experimenting with savory elements in his gourmet desserts. He mentions a squid ink ice cream paired with vanilla panna cotta and a bitter chocolate parfait accented with curry foam. This got our imagination sparking with ideas, especially as fresh fruits and veggies start to appear in the market.

Which moments from last week’s show piqued your interest?

Our ears also perked up during the interview with Paul Greenberg about the current market for sea bass. We were sorry to hear that the situation for this fishy favorite has not much improved. True sea bass still suffers from overfishing while counterfeit sea bass appears on menus nation-wide.

And in the odd-but-fascinating category, there is a discussion with Eddie Lin of Deep End Dining about the taste and texture of lamb “fries.” And by “fries” of course they’re really talking nothing other than lamb testicles. Eddie says that they’re crunchy on the outside and marshmallowy on the inside, and quips, “Those testes were tasty!” We might just have to take his word for it on this one!

Miss the show or looking for some fun links to pass the afternoon? Check out the Good Food website to download the podcast and learn more about Evan Kleiman’s discussions.

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