Good Food with Evan Kleiman: Keep Eating Pork, In Praise of White Chocolate, and Unusual Australian Spices

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This past week’s episode of Good Food was chock full of excellent interviews and intriguing bits from the food world. Not that we’re complaining! We got a segment about enjoying pork to its fullest, another about the joys of white chocolate, a fascinating look at native Australian spices, and so much more…

Eating Pork – In recent years, pork has become so lean that it can be a challenge to cook well. Russ Parson has some tips for preparing, cooking, and serving pork so we can really understand what makes this meat great.

White Chocolate – Although white chocolate often gets a bad rap as not being “real” chocolate, that doesn’t mean it isn’t delicious! Evan Kleiman has one of our favorite bloggers, David Lebovitz, on the show to convince us to give it a try.

Who Is Making Us Fat? – Hank Cardello, former executive of Coca Cola and General Mills, gives us a glimpse into what goes into the production and marketing of processed foods…from the industry perspective.

Georgian Wines – These days, the wine world is really opening up to new markets, new producers, and (most importantly!) new wines. These wines from Georgia sound fantastic and we can’t wait to get our hands on a bottle or two.

Bush Tucker – As with wines, it seems like parts of the world not previously known for their food culture are exploding onto the scene every day! Australian Chef Mark Olive uses native ingredients like crocodile, lemon myrtle, and bush tomatoes to give his own signature twist on classic dishes.

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Which segment from last week’s episode made you the most curious?

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