Good Food With Evan Kleiman: Homemade Bubble Gum

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Remember summer days of bubble-blowing contests and sticky chins?

Part of our memories also include the anxious minutes at the corner store trying to decide which brightly colored package of gum to choose!

But did you know that you can make your own bubblegum at home with nothing more than a few ingredients and a microwave?

Eileen Leverentz, guest on Good Food this past week, is out to make sure classic bubblegum has its spot in the registry of DIY projects. We can’t wait to try our hand at it!

Leverentz tells us that the basic ingredients for bubblegum are citric acid, gum base, glycerin, corn syrup, powdered sugar, and flavorings.

The citric acid helps to bring out the flavorings and distribute them throughout the mixture. Glycerin and corn syrup add texture and sweet flavors. The gum base is technically called “chicle.” It’s a milky resin that originally came from the sapodilla tree, but it’s now sometimes substituted with other types of pine resins.

The process for making the bubblegum couldn’t be simpler.

The acid, gum base, glycerin, and corn syrup are microwaved together until they become a sticky paste. The flavorings are stirred in, then the whole mixture gets rolled in powdered sugar and kneaded like bread dough. Once it’s stiff and no longer sticky, the dough can be rolled and cut into shapes.

This sounds like a great summer activity to do with kids. A kit from Leverentz’s store only costs $19.95 and makes enough gum to keep kids chewing happily for quite some time. (Leverentz recommends the grape flavor!)

To hear the entire interview, visit the Good Food website and download the podcast.
To order your own bubblegum kit, visit–a homecraft supply store run by Leverentz and her husband.
To see the complete recipe for DIY bubblegum, click HERE.

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