Good Food with Evan Kleiman: Truly Heirloom Seeds, Food Meets Technology, and an Update on Florida Working Conditions

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We tune in to Good Food every week to hear what food news Evan Kleiman has uncovered. In this latest episode, she brings us a discussion on what makes heirloom vegetables heirloom, a look at how the food world is taking advantage of the internet, and an update on the condition of tomato pickers in Florida, and …

Heritage Seed Collections – What do you call it when a food historian cleans out his grandfather’s freezer and discovers jars upon jars of heirloom seeds in the process? We’d call it striking gold! It doesn’t get much more heritage this.

Food Meets Technology – For once we’re not talking about gastro-chemistry! No, this interview with Mark McClusky shows how foodies are taking advantage of blogs, Twitter, and other internet-based technologies to stay connected and spark creativity. Even the Kitchn is getting on board!

Slavery in Florida’s Tomato Fields – Barry Estabrook shares stories of what he witnessed first-hand while researching his article “The Price of Tomatoes” for Gourmet Magazine. He also tells us what’s been happening (or not happening) in the months since his article came out.

Chicken Tracker – Speaking of putting technology to use, Murray’s Chickens has developed a food verification system to help consumers track their store-bought chicken back to the actual farm where that chicken was raised.

God in a Cup – Are you a coffee fanatic? Michaele Weissman’s takes readers behind the scenes of the coffee industry in her new book, God in a Cup. In this interview, she describes how coffee is gets rated and what drives the coffee market forward.

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