Good Eats: Store-Bought Chicken Stock Faceoff

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Which brand of chicken stock is best? Michele at Serious Eats gets serious about chicken stock. Yes, we know that homemade is best, but what are the alternatives? She takes on some of the top brands of chicken stock from the grocery store and tells us which measure up and which do not. For this post and more, as we round up our favorite home cooking from our friends at Serious Eats, read on. There’s a truly innovative cake pan, a recipe from grandma, a crazy Japaneses noodle gadget, and more.

Store-Bought Chicken Stocks, Reviewed: Which Are the Best? – She also reviews the difference between stock and broth.

Dinner Tonight: Paprika Roast Chicken …a “kicked up, highly seasoned roast chicken.”

In Videos: Personal Ramen Noodle Cup Vending Machine – OK, you’ve seen how to make ramen healthier, now see how to make it with more gadgetry!

Make Customized Cakes with the Alphabet/Number Cake Pan – Rearrangeable blocks mean you can make any letters or numbers. Nice!

Dinner Tonight: Grandmother’s Egg Salad (Sandwich) – Blake shows how “an egg salad can go from simple to sublime with attention to detail.”

(Image: Michele Humes for Serious Eats)