A Look at Breakfast in Japan

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Every week we bring you our favorite posts from our friends at Serious Eats. This week they take a look at vegetable stock, chipotle shrimp, and an array of breakfasts from Japan.

Culinary Ambassadors: Breakfast in Japan – What does a typical Japanese breakfast look like? There’s a lot of variety…

Crisp Chipotle Shrimp With Corn And Scallions – A quick and delicious dinner.

Equipment: I Love My Squeeze Bottles – J. Kenji rhapsodizes about his squeeze bottles.

Endives, Apples, And Grapes – Bitter endives, sweet-tart apples and green grapes — a recipe from Dorie Greenspan’s new book.

5 Principles of Vegetable Stock (and Why You Should Care) – A few helpful principles for making great vegetable stock.

(Image: Wikipedia via Serious Eats)