Good Eats: A Facelift for Tropicana

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Modern facelift, or PR disaster? That’s the question before readers at Serious Eats this week. Pepsi just overhauled their own look, as well as that of Tropicana orange juice. What do you think?

This plus more favorite posts from our friends at Serious Eats in this edition of our weekly roundup. We’ve got a fried egg t-shirt, the real story behind gruel, a favorite artisanal cheese, and a scrumptious pasta dish below.

Tropicana, Pepsi Overhaul Packaging – Pepsi is getting kudos for their new look, but Tropicana…not so much. Read all about the controversy (and why Tropicana’s new design is bad for color-blind shoppers).

Gruel, the Real Deal – “Please, sir, can I have some more?” What did Oliver Twist’s gruel really taste like? Members of The Royal Society of Chemistry in London have it figured out.

Fried Egg T-Shirt– A freakishly huge fried egg – bubbles, yolk, and all!

Dinner Tonight: Pasta with Olive Tapenade – A great pantry meal.

Serious Cheese: My Favorite American Artisanal Cheese – Jamie Forrest makes us crave Sweet Grass Dairy’s Green Hill cheese; we can almost taste it.


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