Good Eats: Bacon and Lentil Soup

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

We’re not talking too much about soup this month at The Kitchn; we’re saving it for next month (it’s going to be Soup Month! Shhhh….). But we couldn’t pass up this lentil and bacon soup at Serious Eats this week. Every week we round up our favorite home cooking from our friends at Serious Eats, and this soup just looks so good.

More from Serious Eats below, including a tuna eyeball, a solution for leftover wine, and ziti with roasted root vegetables.

Dinner Tonight: Lentil and Bacon Soup – Another great recipe from Nick.

Ziti with Skillet-Roasted Root Vegetables – Pasta with beets! A great winter dish.

How to Eat a Store-Bought Tuna Eyeball – Just in case you were wondering.

What to Do With Leftover Wine: Mulled Wine Syrup – Other than, you know, drink it. Mulled wine syrup is indeed pretty great, we must admit.

Braised Winter Squash with Garlic – Yet another way to make a meal out of one of our favorite vegetables.

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