I Can’t Stop Raving About This Top-Tier Meat Delivery Service (I Scored You an Exclusive Discount!)

updated May 10, 2024
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Credit: Good Chop

I’m not ashamed to say it: I love eating meat. Braised beef, smoked ribs, roasted chicken, fried fish — I’m game for pretty much anything and everything when it comes to meat, and strolling into a butcher shop to pick out choice cuts for my next cooking project is one of the highlights of my week. But, if you’re looking to make an exceptional dish, you’ve gotta start with good ingredients, and when it comes to meat, there’s a lot of … not-so-good stuff in a lot of grocery stores. Luckily, I live in New York City, and there are plenty of high-quality purveyors of meat and seafood for me to choose from. The only issue? Lugging it all the way back to my apartment from the store, going up three flights of stairs, and hoping it stays fresh in transit. 

Fortunately for me (and you, dear reader) I recently had the opportunity to test what’s quickly become my favorite brand of the summer: Good Chop, a flexible meat and seafood subscription service that delivers affordable, high-quality meat and seafood directly to your doorstep every month. Plus, we scored The Kitchn readers an exclusive discount: Join GoodChop.com today to get $120 OFF high-quality American meat and seafood.

Quick Overview

A Quick Look At Good Chop

  • Flexible meat and seafood subscription service
  • All products come from American farms and fisheries 
  • No antibiotics, no added hormones, no additives
  • Lets you customize your own box 
  • Reduced carbon footprint from working with domestic producers
  • Choose from a wide range of chicken, beef, pork, and seafood

Features That Stand Out 

Off the bat, it’s literally a giant box full of top-shelf cuts of meat that arrives at your doorstep each month. I repeat: Top-shelf cuts of meat arrive at your doorstep each month. What’s also cool is that all of their meat comes from animals born, raised, and harvested by domestic family farms and independent ranchers right here in the United States. Good Chop is also a super-flexible subscription model, which means you can deactivate your plan five days before your next delivery. And, the boxes are fully customizable — that means you get to choose exactly which cuts of additive-free meat you get each month. 

Credit: Good Chop

How It Performed 

There were no speed bumps with my Good Chop order — it showed up with no problem in an insulated box, everything was still frozen and fresh, and everything I ordered was accounted for. I had a terrific experience moving cuts of meat from my freezer to my fridge throughout the month while I cooked (and ate) up a storm. I was totally satisfied with my box and the quality of its contents: No notes! 

Credit: Ian Burke

What We Loved 

  • Easy to use and convenient: Selecting my cuts couldn’t have been more of a breeze — in fact, the only issue I ran into was deciding which cuts to leave off, because they all sound so good. Plus, having over a month’s supply of meat delivered directly to my doorstep was so hassle-free, and I don’t ever see that aspect of the service getting old. To top it all off, it was significantly cheaper than if I had gotten all of the cuts from the butcher.
  • High-quality and delicious meats: Obviously, the biggest metric of a meat delivery service is the product — and Good Chop delivers (both literally and figuratively). Every cut I cooked was fresh and delicious, with great color and delicious flavor. And, the variety of options meant I was cooking and eating different meats nearly every night, so I never got bored. 
  • Affordable one-stop shop: I live in Brooklyn, and while I’m sure I could find all of the cuts I received from Good Chop in New York City — a luxury many Americans don’t have — it would have been an absolute nightmare hopping from supermarket to fishmonger to butcher to farmers’ market to compile the same laundry list of cuts. With Good Chop, I was able to get everything on my wishlist (and more) from the comfort of my couch. Plus, at the end of the day, Good Chop is so much cheaper than going to multiple food stores in person. 

Good to Know 

First, make sure you’re in town when your order arrives — while Good Chop’s meat and seafood cuts are flash-frozen for freshness and sealed with dry ice inside an insulated box to keep your order safe and cold if you can’t get to your delivery right away, you don’t want to leave your box sitting out for too long, especially if you live in a place with lots of wildlife. Second, let’s talk about prices. You might have some sticker shock when you see that the Medium box comes with six meat and seafood selections for $149, and the Large Box comes with 12 selections for $269, but before you say Affordable? What is he talking about? allow me to explain. Each “selection” includes multiple portions: For instance, the pack of chicken breasts includes six 5-ounce breasts, the sockeye salmon pack includes four 5-ounce filets, the ribeye pack includes two 10-ounce steaks — you get the picture. Also, it’s important to make sure you have room in your freezer for all the cuts, because they can take up a lot of space!

Should You Sign Up for Good Chop? 

For me, it’s a resounding YES. However, it’s not for everyone. If you don’t eat a lot of meat — or you don’t eat meat at all — you’ll probably want to skip this subscription service. The same goes for people who don’t have a lot of freezer space, because it’s almost impossible to eat all of the meat you receive before it goes bad without freezing at least some of it. But, if you’re not in either of those camps, I can give Good Chop a full-throated recommendation for anyone who: 

  • Eats a lot of meat
  • Wants high-quality cuts for less 
  • Doesn’t have access to top-shelf meat
  • Likes convenience and ease of use
  • Might not have time for extensive grocery shopping 

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