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The Brand Behind My Favorite Affordable Stainless Steel Cookware Launched a Dutch Oven That Rivals Those Splurgy Versions

published Feb 3, 2023
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6-Quart Dutch Oven
Credit: Goldilocks

When it comes to cookware, I’m picky. After growing up in a household of cooks with impeccable taste and years of restaurant experience, I’ve been spoiled with some pretty stellar pots and pans. I’ve cooked and baked my way through virtually every brand out there, from Le Creuset to the cheap, get-the-job-done aluminum fry pans omnipresent in restaurant kitchens. And — I know, it may come as a surprise coming from a self-ascribed “kitchen snob” — there’s nothing inherently superior about pricier brands when it comes to kitchenware. Sure, some pieces are certainly deserving of their price tags, but there are all-new kinds of supply chain and construction innovations these days that can cut consumer cost all without compromising on quality.

I’ll admit, I do tend to lean on tried-and-true fan favorite brands when venturing to buy a new piece of cookware, but sometimes, it’s the lesser-known companies that turn up with totally awesome products. Take 360 Cookware for example (they invented a gadget that turns any pot into a slow cooker), or Great Jones (doesn’t get much better than colorful and nonstick if you ask me). And, some of my favorite underrated, affordable, and undeniably high caliber cookware comes from Goldilocks. I’ve relied on their stainless-steel pots and pans for months now, and I absolutely love them. So, when I got a chance to try out their new $85 Dutch oven, I probably more excited than I’ve ever been about a piece of cookware (and that’s saying a lot!).

How does Goldilocks keep the price so low? Well, as a DTC brand, they’re able to cut out all the middle men, which means they can still use top-notch materials (including a chip- and scratch-resistant, heavy-duty enamel that protects the piece) and spend ample time considering all the functional aspects without having to hike up the pricetag. The result? A stunning, easy to maneuver, multi-functioning Dutch oven for under 100 bucks. Genius!

IMO, 6 quarts is the ideal Dutch Oven size — it’s roomy enough to tackle large cuts of meat and big batches of stew without making you feel like you’re dealing with a literal piece of furniture. That being said, as a NYC resident, I understand that finding space in one’s already overcrowded kitchen cabinets is no small feat. Luckily, this oven is short and stout, making its sides slightly lower than other comparable pieces (and giving it a wider base for more browning surface area if needed) so it’s easy to stow away beneath other pots, food storage containers, or serving bowls.

Credit: Stella Totino

And, like any good Dutch oven, this beauty can handle every task you throw at it. From the 12-hour braised carnitas I whipped up for taco Tuesday, from the deep-fried arancini I spent the second half of last Sunday preparing, to dry-seared bok choy and filling squash stews, I’ve used this pot and this pot only for every meal I’ve cheffed up this week. The verdict: I had some seriously excellent results. Oh, and as for the cleanup, this thing is practically nonstick. Even after that day-long roast in the oven, it took just seconds of scrubbing to restore the interior to its creamy, spot-free interior.

The $85 find is available in a deep red — did someone say Valentine’s Day gift? — and the wintery green I have (pictured above full of a batch of my mom’s famous lentil soup) both of which are versatile and gorgeous enough to take directly from the stovetop, or oven, directly to the dining table for serving (the piece’s big, wide handles will help with that too). Let me tell you, the amount of dishes I saved eating straight from this pot this past week is staggering.

As the cold fronts keep on coming in, there’s no end to the cozy, warm, and hearty meals I’ve got on my recipe docket. All I can say is thank goodness I have this Golidlocks by my side to get me through.