Two of Our Favorite Women-Owned Brands Just Collaborated on a Delicious Matcha Duo

published Mar 8, 2022
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Credit: Dean Mitchell/Getty Images

Thank goodness for Women’s History Month! Not only are we celebrating so many amazing ladies and their accomplishments, we are also discovering (and re-discovering) loads of female business owners who are changing the way we cook and eat. After learning that two of our favorite women-owned brands came together with a special collab in honor of WHM, we can truly attest March is the best month of the year for matcha drinkers! This delightful joint venture from brands Golde and Diaspora Co. is available starting Mar. 8.

This bundle is an ode to today’s matcha craze, which is only continuing to grow in popularity. From brand new specialty matcha shops making blue, purple, or green frothy cups of jitter-less caffeine to the long-time ceremonial matcha makers at home, the tea powder seems to have caught the eye of just about everybody. If you’re feeling late to the game, don’t fret— this Golde x Diaspora Co. collab is the perfect way to jump on the green drink trend.

The bundle comes with one delicious powder from each brand, starting with ceremonial-grade matcha from Golde. This holistic wellness brand is on a mission to make all sorts of superfoods and super products accessible to all, and with their Pure Matcha they have outdone themselves. Made with 100 percent pure, shade-grown green tea leaves from Uji, Japan, this bright green powder makes for a delightful dose of clean energy. The tea can be used in matcha lattes, scrumptious desserts, or straight up whisked into some hot water.

The second powder in the bundle is from the lesser-known brand Diaspora Co., a wonderful place to source all sorts of ingredients because they pay their farmers six times above the commodity price on average. Their Kudligi Nuggekai Moringa powder is no exception. Another green powder easily dissolved in water or whisked into milk, this single-estate, shade-dried Moringa has tons of essential vitamins and minerals (all in a tiny scoop!) and tastes naturally sweet, a bit earthy, and perfectly complex. With flavor notes like white chocolate, sweet grass, and matcha itself, the sustainably grown and culturally rooted powder is truly the perfect pairing for the tea.

While both powders work beautifully on their own (as beverages, baking ingredients, and more), Matcha and Moringa truly are a dynamic duo when mixed into a morning beverage together. Silky, subtle, green, and tasty, the powders balance one another, especially when frothed with milk (or homemade nut milk) and a bit of honey. No matter how you plan to use these yummy powders, buying them together is not only an ode to Women’s History Month, it also allows you to purchase both the Matcha and Moringa at a steal. While matcha can go for upwards of $50 on its own, this high-quality duo costs just $49, so you can enjoy a premium-grade, delicious morning latte and feel extra good about it, too.