Gojee.com: Recipes Tailored To Your Refrigerator?

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Many recipe sites claim to help you manage those odds and ends in your refrigerator. But Gojee.com, a new, photo-heavy site featuring food blogger recipes, goes the extra mile. They have included a few key features to help the indecisive and tapped out home cook turn leftovers into an unexpected dish.

Always searching for recipes and weeding through the ones that call for ingredients you dislike? The detail that makes Gojee different from other recipe sites is the ability to save your dislikes. Search by what you’re craving, or even by what’s in your refrigerator. The site even has a feature enabling users to enter their supermarket loyalty cards so the site knows exactly what was purchased. That’s a little big brother for us, but we can see it’s appeal for the busy cook. Do you like Gojee?

Check it out: Gojee.com

(Image: Gojee)