Goes Well With Coffee: Homemade Pop-Tarts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Pop-Tarts – guilty supermarket pleasure, or home-baked treat? You can have it both ways with this recipe from Tarah at Genesis of a Cook – fresh Pop-Tarts complete with glaze and sprinkles…

Forget the foil wrappers and preservatives – Pop-Tarts can be made at home! We are inordinately excited by this. Tarah’s post on Homemade Pop-Tarts shows that they’re actually quite easy. A little old-fashioned pie dough is all you need, and some good jam.

We’re envisioning strawberry and blueberry, like Tarah has here, as well as more exotic versions made with orange marmalade and black currant jam.

And actually – can you imagine these with Nutella inside? Yes please!

Well done, Tarah!