GOAL! Celebrating the World Cup with Bread

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

The World Cup and a loaf of bread are two things we never thought we’d mention in the same sentence. And yet here we are! The fine folks at Doodle Bread have figured out a way to put the flags of all our favorite soccer (er…football) teams into a loaf of bread. Pretty amazing, don’t you think?

These incredible, edible creations are done by tinting pieces of bread dough with natural dyes like beet root powder and spinach powder. The dough is then very cleverly layered into the pan so that once it’s baked and cut, a fun design is revealed. Crafty!

Check out their blog and the Doodle Bread website for more inspiration and info on how to make these loaves yourselves.

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(Images: Doodle Bread)