Go Wild! 7 Recipes With Wilder, More Nutritious Herbs and Greens

Go Wild! 7 Recipes With Wilder, More Nutritious Herbs and Greens

Anjali Prasertong
May 30, 2013

Yesterday Cambria shared an interesting, slightly alarming New York Times article about the lack of nutrients in modern supermarket produce compared to their wilder, less domesticated ancestors. I'm choosing not to become depressed by this news and am focusing instead on the bright side: Fresh herbs, green onions and wilder greens like arugula are a great source of the nutrients bred out of many current produce varieties. Here are seven ways to eat these wildly nutritious, wildly tasty herbs and greens.

According to Jo Robinson, author of the article and the forthcoming book Eating on the Wild Side: The Missing Link to Optimum Health, greens like arugula and dandelions have not been domesticated for very long, so they closely resemble their wild ancestors, with more antioxidants than lettuce varieties like iceberg or romaine. Scallions are just as nutritious as wild onions, especially the green tops. And because fresh herbs like parsley, basil and cilantro are prized for their pungent flavors, they have not been tinkered with much over the years and still contain the phytonutrients missing from much of the modern produce sold in supermarkets.

So load up on herbs, wild greens and green onions this season — and try them in one of the recipes below!

Peach and Arugula Salad

What are your favorite ways to eat herbs, scallions or wild greens like arugula and dandelion?

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