Go Vertical! Vertical Pot Rack Built with IKEA Parts

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

It seems like everyone is going vertical in the kitchen! We just showed you this vertical pot rack built with inexpensive materials from the hardware store. Now here’s another version of a similar idea — but this one is built with hardware and hooks from IKEA.

Here’s a little more description from reader Andrew, who created this pot rack:

I saw your recent post about a vertical pot rack on a chain, and it goaded me into finally submitting our own version of this hack, which I came up with as part of our recent kitchen reno.

It uses one pole from the Ikea Stolmen shelving system ($30), a handful of double-sided brackets (6 for $15), and Grundtal hooks of two sizes (5 for $3). It is extremely sturdy, can easily hold hundreds of pounds of pots, and is held in place with pressure alone, obviating the need for screws and making it easy to disassemble and move to another location.

Wow! That’s impressive. Thank you for sending it in, Andrew! Anyone else going vertical with their pot storage?

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(Images: Andrew, via email)