Glynwood Center’s Harvest Award: Call for Nominations

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)
Who’s your favorite farmer? Is there someone you know of who is working to connect communities with high-quality, fresh crops? Or perhaps you know of an organization that has innovative approaches to use local food to help improve health. Here’s your chance to get some recognition for these special groups and individuals.

The Glynwood Center is asking for nominations for its Fourth Annual Harvest Awards which honor farmers who are committed to serving their communities by producing high-quality food in sustainable ways as well as people or groups that are helping farmers stay on their land…or using local food to improve the health of children, patients, or others…or re-imagining and reinvigorating our food system.

The awards for 2006 include:

Farmer Award: To be awarded to a farmer who has developed a sustainable farming operation and built effective relationships within his or her home community and other communities where the food is eaten. Glynwood is particularly interested in farmers who have successfully responded to the changing marketplace by transforming the way they do business.

Good Neighbor Award: To be awarded to an individual or organization that has helped support regional agriculture in new and effective ways.

Connecting Communities, Farmers and Food Award: To recognize outstanding work that unites farmers and other community residents in building a sustainable local food system.

Working at the Intersection of Health and Local Food Award: To be awarded to an individual or organization that has created ways to use local food to improve the health of children, patients or others.

So go ahead and raise your voice with a nomination. Click here for all the information. Nominations are due July 10th.

By participating in this wonderful event, you will help build the network of community supported agriculture and strengthen small and mid-sized farms throughout the country.