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The 9 Best Gluten-Free Gifts Our Editors Love

published Sep 25, 2023
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For a long time, it was hard to come by packaged gluten-free foods that actually taste good. If you know someone with celiac disease or a gluten sensitivity, chances are they’re always on the hunt for snacks and groceries that both align with their dietary needs and don’t taste dry or bland. We have staffers who fall into this category here at The Kitchn, so we’ve come to accumulate a pretty sizable list of easy and tasty GF eats, including bake mixes, pasta noodles, and more. Plus, now that the holidays are around the corner, this can be an especially tricky time of year for all your gluten-sensitive friends. As a result, you might consider gifting them a few of these fortuitous finds so that they, too, can partake in all the delicious winter cooking and baking that awaits. So grab a basket, and load it up with these yummy treats before sending it off to your loved ones — they’re bound to be delighted by what they find inside.

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CAP Beauty

CAP Beauty's pancake mix debuted earlier this year and sold out within a few days, but you can now get your hands on a pack. Lauren, Kitchn's copy chief, follows a gluten-free diet and loves that the mix contains carefully chosen ingredients, including Carolina gold rice flour, coconut sugar, and toasted oat flour. "The result is a crispy-crunchy exterior that gives way to a soft, fluffy interior," she wrote after cooking the mix with some milk, oil, and vanilla extract. "The coconut butter and coconut sugar are so subtle that there is no pronounced coconut flavor — only a rich, nutty butteriness and a whisper of sweetness."

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Some gluten-free pasta noodles tend to be overly delicate and can even become sticky if you cook them a minute too long. But you won't experience that problem with ZENB's noodles, which contributor Stella managed to cook to al dente perfection. "I’ll admit, I was doubtful upon reading the label," she wrote of their single-ingredient nutrition label. "Just peas? But I guess these pasta-innovators were clued into a secret the rest of us didn’t know about, because the texture of this pasta is unparalleled in a celiac’s world." What's more, ZENB's pastas are available in a variety of shapes and bundles.

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Levain Bakery

Known for their famously tall cookies that are loaded with mix-ins, Levain Bakery now offers their signature treat in a gluten-free version, which boasts a nearly identical crispy, buttery exterior and gooey, delicate interior. If you have a bakery near you, you can order ahead and pick up the treats in-store. But if not, don't worry! You can still order a four-, eight-, or 12-pack of GF cookies online and have them shipped straight to your giftee's door.

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Three Wishes

Stella is also a fan of Three Wishes cereal. She raved about their limited-edition flavor earlier this year, and although it's no longer available, you can still gift one (or more) of their seven staple flavors, which include cinnamon, frosted, and strawberry. "Even after minutes bathing in milk, they retained their superb crunch," she wrote of the protein-filled bites. "Oh, and if you were wondering, yes, the milk will turn pink — a colorful feature I always cherished as a youngin’." Surprise your bestie with a six-pack of their favorite flavor for just $40.

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Snow Days

Heading to a friend's house for movie night? Present them with a bag of GF pizza bites, the ultimate comfort food for lazy days in. They're available in six different flavors, as well as a variety pack. "Believe me when I say they are all ridiculously satisfying," wrote Danielle, The Kitchn's former commerce editor. "These are certainly not your average grocery aisle pizza bites. Plus, the gluten-free, cassava flour-based crust makes them crisp up perfectly in the oven." Whether your loved one is serving up appetizers for a holiday gathering or looking for a late-night bite, they're sure to reach for these.

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Get Golden

You can never go wrong with gifting a sweet snack food, and Get Golden's caramel nut and seed bars are a solid pick. "Even with just a handful of ingredients, you’ll find tons of fiber, antioxidants, and omega-3 fatty acids," Stella wrote of the bars. "While these bars lack preservatives and additives, they certainly do not lack flavor or texture. Perfectly chewy (thanks to coconut butter, chia seeds, and tapioca fiber), the bars have a bite to them. Each piece resists leaving the whole just the right amount as you break it off, exactly like caramel." Indeed, your recipient will no doubt find these bars to be sweet, but not overwhelmingly so.

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We're in the midst of charcuterie board season, and your gluten-sensitive BFF shouldn't have to miss out. With these yummy oat crackers, they can get in on all the cheese- and jam-filled fun. "Unlike most GF crackers, which feature rice flour as the first ingredient, these are made primarily with oats," wrote contributor Rochelle. "Oats have a creamy consistency and are naturally sweet in flavor. As a result, these crackers aren’t just crispy and satisfying — they’re also rich-tasting. Other GF crackers snap and crumble, but the Bob’s Red Mill Oat Crackers melt in your mouth." The crackers are available in a few different flavors, including rosemary, which is a perfect complement to a variety of different cheeses, jams, and spreads.

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Real Phat Foods

Bread crumbs are one of the most appetizing additions you can factor into a meal, whether we're talking pasta, breaded chicken, or crab cakes. It would be a shame for gluten-free individuals to have to abstain from such delicious eats, so you'd be doing your giftee a huge favor by handing them a pack of these low-carb bread crumbs. "They stay perfectly crunchy even when topping succulent, bubbling casseroles, and their detectible and delicious flavor is subtle enough to complement the other elements of the dish," Stella wrote. And not only are they gluten-free, but the bread crumbs are also keto-, paleo-, and diabetic-friendly!

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In her list of top gluten-free finds, Stella included this cinnamon roll cookie dough, which is made of organic oat flour, cashew butter, organic maple syrup, and vegan white chocolate chips. You can enjoy it raw by itself, add it to your favorite ice cream or snack, or bake it into cookies. "Free of eggs and wheat flour, you won't have to worry about getting sick from eating raw dough — a.k.a. this stuff is a dream come true," Stella wrote.