Amazon Shoppers Are Obsessed with These Glass Storage Containers

updated Jan 17, 2020
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Credit: Amazon

Here’s a cautionary tale of a well-intentioned act that went horribly wrong: Last week, in an effort to avoid spending money on lunch (new year, same me), I made a big pot of soup. Because my favorite food storage container was in the dishwasher, I packed a lunch-sized portion in a vessel that will not be named, screwed on the lid, plopped it in my work bag, and headed to the office with my lunch in tow — just as I had done countless weekdays before. When I arrived to my desk, the bottom of my bag was soaking wet with miso broth that had slowly seeped out during the course of my twenty-minute commute. *Expletives.* After cleaning my bag, I embarked on a frustrated food storage container research binge and stumbled upon this set of highly-rated meal-prep containers, beloved by Amazon shoppers. (They’re the bestselling glass containers on Amazon!)

Prep Naturals Glass Containers are sold as a set of five 30-ounce storage containers with matching “SmartestLock” lids for $26. Satisfied customers say that these thick-walled containers are big enough to pack a substantial amount of food in, making them ideal for meal-preppers who cook and store their meals for the week. Also: The containers are totally safe for the oven, dishwasher, freezer, and microwave. (The vent-able lids are top-rack only in the dishwasher and should not go in the oven — because they are made of BPA-free plastic!)

Buy: Prep Naturals Glass Containers, $26 for five containers

Credit: Amazon

Here are a few glowing Amazon reviews.

“These are spectacular! They are airtight, so the week’s worth of food that I make for lunches stays fresh for the whole week. They are strong and very durable. The four-part latching system ensures your food is completely sealed. The seal ring is removable for easy cleaning. The nice pop-top vent allows food to cool if packed in hot. Once cool, close pop-top and stick in the fridge… Many others I have tried have been broken in a matter of days. I love these!”

“These glass containers are WONDERFUL. I got them to use them with the Prep Naturals bag and they are a perfect complement OR stand-alone product. They are a great size, with the lid on they are about 3 inches tall and 5.5 x 7.5 inches across. I can fit three of them stacked on top of each other in my bag. They’re the perfect size for me to pack my lunch and the top with the vent hole is perfect for heating things up when I’m ready for lunch. The glass is very thick and durable and I expect these to last me for a very long time.”

“Great product. This has made my life so much better, no more spilled soups and food on my way to work. They lock tight with zero leaking. The super slick interior makes it easy to clean. The lids seem very sturdy and will probably last a while. The folding part of the plastic tabs seem pretty thick and the seal is pretty good. I would expect these to last a while. I bought a couple of these and for the price will probably buy more.”

Do I need these?! Do YOU need these? I’m leaning towards yes and yes.