This Controversial “Cheap” Kitchen Trend Has People Majorly Divided

published Jun 14, 2024
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When it comes to kitchen backsplashes, there are so many different options that choosing one can get overwhelming real quick. How do you find an aesthetically pleasing backsplash that’s still easy to clean and won’t break the bank? How do you pick something that’s timeless yet still trendy? Well, if you’re stuck, I have a suggestion for you: What about a tile-free glass backsplash

Shocked? Don’t be. Glass-free backsplashes are one of the latest home décor trends worth keeping an eye on, especially if TikTok has anything to say about it.

TikTok user @jvhometales posted a video sharing four reasons why they chose a tile-free backsplash for their latest kitchen upgrade. One of the chief reasons? Cleanliness.

“It is very easy to maintain, as there are no grout lines,” they note. “Oil stains can be removed very easily.”

In the video, first posted on May 22, @Jvhometales said they also appreciate how the backsplash allows them to use suction hooks to store their kitchen supplies without having to worry about leaving holes or marks on the kitchen wall. This way, everything is temporary, so you can mix things up as your style or your needs change.

It also doesn’t hurt that glass backsplashes are extremely budget-friendly and affordable. @Jvhometales says in the TikTok that, in their experience, going for a glass backsplash was “the cheapest among all the available [backsplash] materials.”

As a cherry on top, your backsplash can also double as a whiteboard. It’s not just useful — it can also be a spot to leave messages for your loved ones to see when they come home.

Though the trend is on the rise, it’s not exactly a brand new idea. Glass backsplashes first emerged in 2020 as an alternative to traditional kitchen backsplashes and have been gaining in popularity ever since. But it’s not for everyone. Commenters on the TikTok said, “Only downside is sometimes water can be sucked into the back due to capillary effect.” And you have to be worried about breaking, shattering, and discoloration, especially if you’ve got a gas grill.

Another commented added that if they had to pick a con, it would be how reflective the glass is.

If you’re thinking about making the switch (or inspired to try this in your own space), it’s worth thinking through the pros and cons of the trend before diving in headfirst.

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