Giving Food Gifts? Include Instructions!

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Are you giving any food gifts this year? You might want to think about including a card with instructions or ideas about how to use your fabulous gift. You may use your signature spice rub or vanilla-infused liquor every week, but other people might not catch on so quickly!

We’ve been on both ends of this scenario: we’ve received gifts of enticing ingredients that lingered in our cupboards for months because we couldn’t figure out how to use them, and we’ve given gifts where the recipient takes one look and says, “Thanks! Um…what do I do with this?”

With gifts like beer-bread kits or hot cocoa mixes, it’s natural to include the instructions written out on a pretty recipe card. We also like to do this when giving a special ingredient or rare food find to a fellow cooking friend. We’ll write up a favorite recipe using the ingredient or list a few ways that it might be used. Hopefully we give enough inspiration that our gift will actually be used!

Here are some of our favorite recipe cards:

What food gifts are you giving this year?

Image with DIY Muffin Mix Idea: BBC Good Food