Yoplait’s New Line of Yogurts Are an Early Christmas Present

updated May 1, 2019
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Are you a Girl Scout Cookie fanatic? Do you stockpile them in the freezer for consumption year-round? (Maybe it was just my dad who did that? I swear there was always a box of Thin Mints lurking somewhere in our house!) Whether you’re a seasonal fan or a hardcore enthusiast, Yoplait has answered our collective dreams and released a line of Girl Scout Cookie-flavored yogurts.

Thankfully this new line from Yoplait isn’t made to Wednesday Adams’ standards, but it has everyone all aflutter. Y’all, this is the yogurt equivalent of Will Ferrel in the movie Elf yelling, Santa’s coming!

Rolling out to most major grocery retail establishments by the end of this month are three new flavors that are sure to earn you your Eating for You Badge (it’s a thing)! Can you imagine how much cooler life would be as adults if we got badges for things? I digress.

We’ll soon be able to snack on Thin Mint and Peanut Butter Chocolate in the light and fluffy Yoplait Whips! style. In addition, Yoplait has released the Caramel Coconut in their original style (as it should be; all caramel products deserve to be rich and creamy, in my opinion).

If these new products hold up to the flavor profiles of the cookies themselves, they will not only be great additions as a single snack or breakfast, but will also be delicious to dip apple slices in or use in smoothies. Just wait until actual Girl Scout Cookie season when you can dip a cookie in the yogurt itself! How very meta.

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