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This Stylish $13 Find Is Quickly Becoming My Go-To Cooking Utensil

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GIR Spoonula vincent color on table by whisk and apple pie
Credit: GIR

Whether I’m making breakfast, lunch, or dinner, I tend to be a spatula thing and a skinny, flat wooden thing, but neither was doing everything I wanted it to. So, I did some searching and, to my delight, found a single cooking utensil that finally can do (just about) everything.

My dream-come-true tool has the scoop-ability of a spoon, the tapered head of a spatula, and the durability of silicone. It goes by the name Spoonula, and since getting one, I have yet to find a dish that it isn’t perfectly suited to handle. I use it to stir-fry broccoli and flip over chicken thighs, then take it to a sheet pan to scrape up crispy, smashed potatoes with no struggle. I’ve even used it to lift up and plate salmon filets without breaking them.

While you can certainly find other Spoonula-like tools, this one’s particular design — made by the same people responsible for these ridiculously stylish shelf risers — has a unique combination of features that make it superior.

First, its head tapers slightly and squares off at the front. That means you can move food around without accidentally bumping anything out of the pan — something I did all the time with my old, big-headed spatula. Second, the silicone material is thinned out super fine along the edges — like, millimeters thin — which helps the head slide under food to lift and flip it, instead of just scoot it around.

Credit: Nic Dobija-Nootens

Third, it’s the ideal size. In my tiny kitchen, I can’t wield spatulas that are too long without bumping my elbow and spilling whatever I’m cooking. But, because my Spoonula is one to two inches shorter than its imitators, I can work more closely with my food while still keeping my hands safely away from hot pans. (I have the 11-inch Ultimate size but you can get the 8.5-inch Mini if you want an even shorter option.)

I usually go for black or silver when I’m shopping for my kitchen, since I assume those colors won’t show their wear and tear so obviously over time. However, the Spoonula comes in so many colors that I couldn’t not do a little browsing, and I landed on a color called Vincent. It’s a deep navy with faint white speckles all throughout, which I think is kind of genius. That mixture will do a better job of disguising any nicks or blemishes that might appear later on because it will look like they were supposed to be there in the first place. For a seemingly simple instrument, that’s pretty clever.

Credit: Nic Dobija-Nootens

Of course, you can grab your own Everything Utensil in whichever color speaks to you (I almost went with Barcelona because it has such pretty marbling). The Spoonula also comes in handy for bakers: It’s perfect for folding batters and spreading icing. Your other cooking utensils need to step their game up, because the competition is on!

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