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The $13 Spatula You Will Absolutely Flip For

published Mar 22, 2022
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Credit: GIR

Sometimes you hit the jackpot with a brand. I’m talking about a brand that makes you wonder how you ever lived without their products, the kind of brand that surprises you over and over again with superior craftsmanship or efficiency or durability – or all three! For me, and many others here at The Kitchn, that brand is GIR. Sure, everything they make easy to clean, affordable, and gorgeous, but the real reason we love GIR is that their products are so much better than so many others that we’ve tried.

From spatulas, to baking mats, to ladles, GIR’s versions outperform other like tools and win our hearts time and time again. So it was no surprise to me that the Flip, GIR’s flipper, proved to also be an exceptional piece of cooking equipment. This long, broad tool is meant to get underneath thin or hard-to-lift items, is perfect for stirring roasted or broiled veggies, and can be used to release brownies or Rice Krispies Treats cleanly from a pan.

I’ll be honest; when I first picked up the Flip, I was skeptical. The tool’s flat base seems to slope in a counterintuitive direction from left to right, the opposite of what my right-handed brain is used to. However, after the first use, I was a convert. The tool made its way under a thick (and very stuck-to-the-pan) socca, lifting the entirety of the flatbread without even a micro-tear. Holding the ergonomic handle, I found that what seemed wrong about the shape of this flipper was actually its magic power. This cooking spatula works so well for every task I put to it, I find myself wondering: why do so many flippers slope in the opposite direction?

Constructed from pharmaceutical-grade, BPS- and BPA-free silicone, the Flip is heat resistant up to 500 degrees. Meaning, this bad boy will not melt, even when flipping broiled salmon in the oven, forgotten in the pan while stirring scrambled eggs, or thrown into the dishwasher (believe me, I do this almost every night). The flexibility provided by the platinum-cured silicone, combined with its ultra-thin edge, means you can slide the tool under even the most delicate of items (hello crepes). And thanks to the sturdy inner core, it has enough support to lift even the heftiest burger.

At under $13, this tool is a no-brainer. Unlike metal cooking (or fish) spatulas, the Flip will never scratch, let alone ruin a nonstick pan. Plus, its base is smaller than some of its other silicone competitors, but it can still lift the same (if not more) weight. I love that it’s a bit smaller, because as someone who tries out tools for a living, you can bet my kitchen drawers have limited space. Although come to think of it, I can probably do some spring purging since I use the Flip in place of so many other cooking utensils.

Whatever it is that you’re cooking – whether it be gooey, heavy, sticky, or flimsy – this flipper can get it done and GIR (aka get it right).

Buy: GIR Flip, $12.95